Dear interested reader,

NetEnquiry is project which focusses on new eLearning approaches in the world of banking and finance. Moreover, in the we create a tool which can be used in other industries and branches as well. NetEnquiry offers a mobile Learning enviornments which focusses on authentic situations in the world of work and provides the learners with tasks which occur in reality as well.

AimsĀ  of the NetEnquiry project are the design, development , testing and evaluation of an m -learning tool , that is a web-based form of learning for vocational education and training (VET) in the sense of a simulated practice application. This is an innovative media learning form with pilot effects. Core aspects of the project are:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Simulated practice application
  • Realistic process orientation
  • Communities and multiple perspectives
  • Self-directed and collaborative learning diagnosis
  • Authenticity and situatedness
  • Efficiency, which bases on learning theories
  • Usability
In NetEnquiry the learners have to solve these tasks in groups of 3 persons (team). The approach is competitive, so that several teams try to solve the task in the same period of time. The members of a team take different roles which are the same like in reality, e.g. customer service representative / account manager, head of department and

back office worker. They all need information, material or decisions of each other to solve the task. Therefore, the social and communicative aspect goes hand in hand with the process of work.

In the tasks the teams are confronted with clients and/or processes.

To solve the task the learner can use their mobile devices to get additional information in real life situations at the workplace and in other parts of their enterprise.

So, NetEnquiry focuses on both vocational education in enterprises and vocational schools.

The project is led by the University of Paderborn, Chair Business and Human resource Education II, Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner.

In cooperation with banks like Deutsche Bank, Volksbank Paderborn, Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold, Sparkasse Vest-Recklinghausen and IT-Partners like Apple, Ingenious Knowledge as well as several vocational schools, NetEnquriy has a broad and solid basis for the development and testing process.

On this website, you will get additional information about the project and we will provide you with insights.

Feel free to contact us or to visit our German website:


Kind regards,

Marc Beutner

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